About us

About us


We are always looking for new goals – while staying true to our principles. In 2011, we started with a clear idea of ​​what we wanted to create. We defined our concept for a new e-bike brand and shared it with everyone in our company. It was on desks, hung on the walls, and we even put it in our company safe. Every now and then we take it out to check whether we are still on the exact same track. We find that we are, despite the fact that the market has changed drastically and we are now active in six European countries, just starting out in the UK. Precisely sticking to our vision has probably been the most decisive factor for our success…


We always feel the urge for future and innovations. We are never satisfied for long with what we have, because inventing the future never stops:

“WHY NOT instead of YES BUT” is our motto and has led to the fact that we:

•are the first company to produce fully recyclable frames ‘just in time’

•developed an app that enriches lives with new perspectives, outlooks and movement.


We take responsibility and don’t duck away when it comes to:

•the well-being of our customers, employees, our partners and our company,

•safety on the roads,

•the climate and the environment.

•We refuse to act irresponsibly or unethically just to achieve short-term success.


Maximum safety is the primary requirement for the development of our products. Safety is our driver for:

•the overall design of our products

•the structural strength of the frames

•the requirements for the components

Also the geometry of the frame has a decisive influence on the cycling experience.

All this provides the objective safety of our products, and equally gives the rider a uniquely safe feeling on their ebike on- and off-road.


The future is digital,  past traditions lies in craftsmanship. We combine the best of both worlds and thus create a new world.


In everything we do. No matter whether it is a new construction design, service for our customers and dealers, or the way in which we report on our products and our company.


People are our focus. We want to make life more beautiful every day. Nothing makes us happier than experiencing the first impression that our product has on people. The radiance in their face and the conviction in their voice that shouts from the bottom of their heart “Wow! That’s fantastic!“

The combination of the technical aesthetics with the power of the motor, the beauty of the components and paintwork brings to mind Leonardo da Vinci’s phrase: “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail!”


For us, beauty and superior technology are not opposites. Perfect technical solutions are always beautiful or they would not be perfect. A superficial design without technical substance would only be a short-lived showpiece.

Every word is still valid today and will be the day after tomorrow.

We will always remain true to this principle in order to have happy and satisfied customers.

We summarize these values in our brand message: INSPIRING TO CYCLE



Moving people has always been our motivation. To provide them with the impetus to take paths that they might otherwise not be willing to travel under their own steam. We want to bring people closer to their goal. Give them the tool to have fun – in nature and in their city. Give people independence.

This journey began when the company was founded in Germany in 2011 and we named it EBIKE. DAS ORIGINAL. At that time we were the only player in the bike industry purely making electric bicycles. We thus not only enriched the bicycle market with another brand, we redefined it.

With the establishment of the business we have taken responsibility for society. We have created an alternative means of mobility and revived enthusiasm for the bicycle.

Our goal is not only to get people physically on the move, we want to trigger thoughts, motivate people, inspire them, change their behavior and lead them down new paths.

Sustainable materials and concepts in all areas play a major role, but also innovative products in the field of micro-mobility, that set impulses in the market.

A change that is not just taking place quietly within our company, but which we communicate to the outside world: With a new name A new app. And a new standard of sustainable, innovative design.


We are represented in the UK by AlsoBikes Ltd trading as Advanced Bikes UK.

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