About me

As a child, I always imagined that there is much more to this world than we see. So I started creating because it was a way of escaping and immersing myself in a fantasy.

Eventually, stories told through my art shifted from imaginary to real. Painting became the mean of expressing my feelings, hopes, fears and desires. It became a Story. A story about a life lived and stories of people surrounding me.

I attempt to capture a moment of a friends happiness, who recently fell in love, or a strangers voice who just found out he’s going to be a father. I want to tell a story of the first love and the last one. I attempt to express the loss of a friend, a relative or your freedom. What does it mean to be stripped of your rights and be constrained by society and its rules?

I am intrigued to understand how these stories are perceived by the spectator? And why is it worth hearing them? Is there something we attempt to learn? Or it is mere entertainment we seek.

I collect these narratives, then use them as an inspiration and immortalise them in my paintings.

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