How was Invisible Touch Born?

Till now I have a scarf which been my most loved and worn not for one year. That scarf has something that is hard even to describe. It did not only warm me up with its natural composition, but it also provided that invisible and pleasant touch that was unmatched by any other scarves. This scarf was traveling everywhere with me. I could not find anything like this scarf in store.

As I had sewing trainings some time ago and I knew sewing techniques I decided to sew next scarf by myself. After sewing the first scarf, the wishes grew more curiously. I decided to sew a few more, now longer and wider. Later came up with idea to apply a special clasp on wider scarves that would allow scarf to be portable in a variety of ways. A small but practical clasp on wider scarves allows you to wear it in a variety of ways. Wear it as a cloak on cold days in the office, visiting guests or for any other occasion. You can also wear it as a nice accessory on the fancy dress by fastening it on the back side … Fastener allows you to feel comfortable, because the scarf will not fall off.

Almost all scarves contain only natural materials that you will feel as soon as you wrap it around your neck. The color palette and classic design allows scarf to wear in a variety of ways to suit your style and mood. After making all these experiments with my scarves I decided to offer them and to other scarves lovers. And along with the scarves other products and Invisible Touch was born.

Buying our scarves be sure:
*It was crafted by real people.
*All scarves are different and unique.
*You contribute to reducing consumption in the world as you buy sustainable and durable clothes.

With love – Invisible Touch team

5 REASONS why?

Hand made


Every unique (different sizes/limited stock)


Natural materials


Different ways of wearing (special fastening)


Feeling of comfort and care