About me

I’m very passionate about capturing the beauty of life – and people are the most precious treasures each of us have. That includes You.
My career allowed me to meet, grow and empower people. I was able to see great potential and help develop – as mother and sister, as colleague and HR professional. There is nothing more rewarding that seeing a person finding their passion, joy and beauty.
Photography is my great joy for over 10 years now. I have mastered this craft via online and live workshops, travel and practice.
I hope you will let me find and show back to you the most beautiful, unique YOU.
See you!



Hello gorgeous,
Are you living your most beautiful moments? Or perhaps life has been lacking that extra creative spark? You are in the right place to, as would welcome you to cocreate a special photoshoot of your liking.
Let’s play with different images, styling styles – and create memorable captures of how amazing you are today.
When was the last time you were photographed professionally?
Please contact me for a consultation session!
Looking forward to seeing you!