Lina art in deco

Believe it or not, I can actually draw. - Jean-Michel Basquiat

First four letters tell my name. I'm fully in love with Art Deco, born on the 5th of August 1976, Šiauliai, Lithuania

However, my final dissertation on art movements of Art Nouveau and such artists as Gustav Klimt, Aubrey Beardsley, Egon Schiele, strongly influenced my style. I ZDV also inspired by Japanese Ukiyo-e
Mypaintings are in private collections in Lithuania, France, Germany, Russia and Spain.
0\DUWLVWLFVLGHVQDSSHGPHIURPWKHILHOGRI HGXFDWLRQin 2003. IQ2009I established an open art studio “Strichas” and spent all time on painting, developing interior design projects and private art and piano lessons.
The open gallery was based in the old town of Vilnius till I decided to become a gallery without any walls and in 2014 moved to London. My profesVional path remained the same- I DPstill workLQJas a teacher, develop interior design and bespoke furniture projects and remain devoted to everything what is creative.

Home is where the heart is and every home must be unique. If you are looking for a freelance interior designer, with an artistic background and personalised creative approach, simply send your enquiry and I will be happy to get back to discuss your project in more detail.

Having a great experience in planning, detailing, designing and coordinating projects in the public and private sectors, I am able to propose the best design solution.
A genuinely individual project can be discussed on site,- which enables me to take the measurements of the space, show different materials, overlook different colour variations and find the ultimate combination, then make a CAD drawing and prepare a more accurate quotation with a detailed furniture specification.
After confirming the project, my design ideas may become real with the help of a great team of skilled fitters, experienced and reliable builders who will make sure your home is left tidy and the project is finished to the highest standard, that meets all your requirements and expectations. I hope to hearing from you soon!