Custom Wood Pergola & Deck Builders

Andrew Home Improvements specialises in installing custom-built wooden pergolas, side entrances with roof, garden rooms, verandas, wooden and composite decking.
We work with the most common types of wood used for these constructions. It is pressure-treated wood which is rot and insect resistant.

Roofing types

For roof covering we use UV Solid Polycarbonate (like glass) 3mm, 4mm and Multiwall Polycarbonate 10mm sheets.
Solid Polycarbonate sheet will look like glass and will be more expensive than Multiwall sheet. Multiwall sheet is clear but it has ribs / flutes running through the sheet. It is cheaper.

Mulitiwall Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and UV stabilised, with a manufacturers guarantee for a minimum of 10 years

Solid Polycarbonate ( like glass)is a virtually unbreakable plastic sheet that looks like glass. It is half the weight of glass but up to 200 times stronger.
We can place a new Pergola built to your exact specifications anywhere in your property.
If you have an idea for a garden room, or would like to be inspired by our projects , leave your contact details below so we can arrange to give you a quote.