About us

PURITY is a small business that was created with love for nature and passion for sustainable lifestyle. Using local Cyprus herbs, quality oils and essential oils, I make natural home and body products: handmade soap, soy & beeswax candles, lotions, serums, distill hydrosols etc.

After giving birth to two beautiful babies, I started looking for a more natural and sustainable solutions for our home and realized it was not that easy. First, having sensitive skin, I started making my own soap. It felt so rewarding that I fell right into the magical world of aromatherapy, oils and herbs, incorporating all of them to our family life. After a few years of lessons and experiments, I decided to share my passion and created the PURITY. My goal is to create clean and healthy products that are made from quality ingredients, with love, good intentions, while treating plants with gratitude and respect. 


The founder