Expansion of UAB “sabalin” activities by implementing e. commercial models

Sabalin UAB is a manufacturer of a wide range of leather footwear. In order to increase the company’s income and profitability, the company is carrying out the project “UAB Sabalin” activity development, implementing e. commercial models”. The project is implemented according to the measure “E. business model for COVID-19”. EUR 49,725.00 has been allocated for the implementation of the project from the European Regional Development Fund. The total value of the project is EUR 66,300.00. During the implementation of the project, customer self-service e-mail will be created. integration of trading platform and resource management system. The project was launched in 2022. February 24 and will be implemented by 2023. February 21

The implementation of the customer self-service solution and the conditions created for the sale of manufactured footwear using online trade will allow the company to attract customers who are always in a hurry, expand the circle of customers, and expand the markets. This will increase the volume of sales, increase the company’s competitiveness and profitability. An integrated resource management system will optimize the work of the company’s employees and this will increase work productivity and the company’s productivity.

After the implementation of the project, the company’s potential, productivity and sales volumes will increase, which is a necessary condition for the sustainable and long-term development and expansion of the company. With the help of the project, the company’s long-term awareness and added value will be formed, which will have a direct impact on the company’s competitiveness in Lithuanian and foreign markets many years after the project’s implementation.

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